Freedom Summit Program





06:00 Casey Fenton Couchsurfing How to Inspire People to Build a Global Movement?
07:00 Steve Monroe HUBUD Future of Work, the Worker and the Workplace
08:00 Lydia Lee Screw the Cubicle Escape the Cubicle: Transitioning from Corporate Prison to Creating a Business and Life You Love
09:00 Tal Gur Fully Lived How to Live Your Life Fully: 100 Life Goals Completed in 10 Years - Fully Lived
10:00 Stuart Jones Coworkation The Limitations of the Digital Nomad Hype
11:00 Karsten Knorr CoBoat What Co-Working Can Really Do for You
12:00 Helen Scmit Exploring Happy Manage Your Energy and not Your Time - Exploring Happy
13:00 Derek Loudermilk Art of Adventure The Science of Charisma and Confidence
14:00 Bori Vigh Backpacker The Least Travelled Road: Opportunities and Challenges as a Digital Nomad
15:00 Torsten Kremser Nomad Convoy Vision for Africa: How Digital Nomads Can Make a Difference - Nomad Convoy
BONUS Feli and Marcus DNX The Future is Now! How Digital Nomads Shape the Future of Work






06:00 Andrea Featherstone Project Self Mind Taming Tricks for Getting Unstuck from Fear
07:00 Osha Key Osha Key High Energy, Health and Nutrition Strategy for Work and Travel
08:00 Andrew Henderson Nomad Capitalist The Nomad Trap: Why Many Digital Nomads Are Not Tax-Compliant at Home
09:00 Maria NomadPass Remote Work in Silicon Valley Culture (?) / Company workations
10:00 Stephan Klumpp O4H, MobileJazz Optimizing for Happiness: Remote Company Work Culture at Mobile Jazz
11:00 Johannes Voelkner Nomad Cruise Top Destinations and Trips for Digital Nomads
12:00 Stella Romana 22 STARS How to Start a Social Business: Making 100% Impact by Empwering Women in Uganda
13:00 Melanie Midegs Seed to Soul Reality Bites: Creating Online Business
14:00 Mikeal More Clear Payment systems 101: How to receive and send payments online
15:00 Daphnée Laforest NomadBase How to Build a Global Network and Develop New Skills as You Travel

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