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We find ourselves in a very magical place in time. For many of us, our basic human needs are being met, which means we’re no longer in survival mode. What this means is that we are shifting into a different frame of be-ing, and we get to experience the vast multi-dimensional world around us. For the first time in history, with our newly developed explorative mindset, we start to think about what else is possible? What kind of life could we lead? What kind of life do we want to have? What kinds of freedom do we have available to explore?


Foreword by Casey Fenton

Growing up in a small town in Maine, I came to the realisation that my options were limited by my perspective and experiences. I knew that to make the best decisions in life I needed more possibilities to draw from, so I set about experiencing as much as I could. I traveled around the world in search of what could help me and other people broaden their horizons. After a number of significant experiences, including enlightening trips to Iceland and Egypt, I came up with the idea for Couchsurfing. I programmed the original website in 2003 and 2004 while living in Alaska. Read more >>

Chapter 1

The Freedom Method by Estela Kun

Estela is a Freedom-preneur, host of virtual and live events and education about the freedom lifestyle. She has lived in 8 countries in the past 14 years and loves stretching the boundaries of the conventional work style, reinventing and educating people about new models of living and working.

Chapter 2

The Giving Model by John Abbott

In 2011, with nothing but a backpack, John made a decision to relocate to Bali. Over the years he’s really embraced and embodied the style of life that feeds his soul by challenging himself to give up so much of the old paradigms of living, thinking and being. “It’s my daily medicine, and it’s certainly not the easy or safe...

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path to travel, however I know the light that’s on the other side of every dark, and I become more of the light every moment that I’m committed to this journey” says John, International Best Selling Author, A Journey Of Riches, Making Changes.

John’s Marketing and Sales Agency, Results Platform Foundation, promotes some of the most inspiring truth speakers and change makers from around the globe, helping them to better reach and Awaken their Audiences to their message.

He's been, the behind the scenes driving force for many big brand speakers over the past decade, the highlights of those he's marketed for being Sir Richard Branson, Patch Adams, Dr John Demartini, Don & Tyler Tolman, Roger Hamilton, Paul Dunn, Jeff Slayter, Robin Sharma, and many, many more...

John’s Giving Model and Campaign Mastery Academy training and coaching programs have helped entrepreneurs best understand what it takes to go to market, attract the audience they want and create an environment that supports them to truly magnify their magic in every way.

John set up a global enterprise, Results Platform Foundation, as his commitment and vehicle to Promote Positive Change and change makers on our planet, and philanthropically donates through B1G1, with over 45,000 giving impacts to date.

Chapter 3

Bloody Elusive Freedom by Andrea Featherstone

Andrea was a pessimistic architecture graduate who stumbled across mindfulness while working onboard a Russian superyacht in the Mediterranean, feeling directionless, guilty, and completely lost at sea.  Bit by bit, mindfulness flung Andrea out of her snappy, cynical ways and...

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and life became far more bloody good. She now facilitates unconventional mind-taming programs helping indecisive overachievers to get clear on their direction and sure of their sense of self.

Andrea is passionate about teaching mindfulness to those who raise an eyebrow at mindfulness (cynical, type-A perfectionists) via the radically honest Project Self blog and life-changing programs: Bloody Good Life 101 and Nail Your Values & Find Your (Bloody Elusive) Passion.

Chapter 4

Self Awareness for Balance, Empowerment and Productivity by Helene Schmit

Helene is a work-life designer and a happiness at work activist who helps people to design and live a fulfilling and balanced work life, at individual and team level, through coaching, training, public speaking and consultancy. With a focus on mindset...

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professional empowerment, personal organisation and “conscious” productivity, she bases her work on self-awareness and energy management, and then elaborates an empowering process with that knowledge.
Putting themselves in the center of their reflection bring her clients on a paradigm shift, changing their positioning towards their fulfillment and exploring new ways of working and being. More human-centered, more conscious, more flexible, and deliciously productive.

Chapter 5

Blockchain: The Birth of a New World by Mark Copeland

Mark has been traveling the world over 20 years and worked in more than 10 different industries, which lead him to develop a unique approach to life: “I have come to understand there is only one constant in life: Change”. His remarkable willpower to explore the different aspects of culture, life, business and...

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the environment: Mark Copeland realized one underlying common denominator, “People”. He realized that the challenges and downfalls in business weren’t industry specific, it all came down to the people within it. So, Copeland recruited a team of creative minds and founded Smartminds, to develop a framework that will lead organizations to positively impact society and the environment.

Chapter 6

Your Freedom Is In Your Challenges by Skip Archimedes

Skip Archimedes made this business to help people to live their lives in the best way possible so they really experience a life of freedom. It’s his mission to bring back energy, positivity, achievement, health and vitality into the lives of those who have lost that...

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focus along the way. All the information and insights he have gathered from other experts and personal experiences over the years, distilled in his live events, online programs and books, and I he travel the world sharing good fortune and teachings as an International Speaker and Coach.

Chapter 7

How to GO free? Conscious Business Creation based on Family Constellation by Orsolya Gyulai

Orsolya Gyulai is the founder of, specialised in personal & business development. Her focus is to support one to be more conscious about spirituality, family dynamics and goals with their own business and create freedom on their own terms...

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Orsolya’s mission and passion lie in revolutionizing and innovating the beautiful system called family / systemic constellation created by Bert Hellinger, so that it can also be used online, so that more and more people can benefit from the magic of this wonderful work worldwide.

Chapter 8

The Freedom Journey by Brett Jones

Brett is a spiritual teacher, author, adventurer and creator of the Awakened revolution. Combining those years of Business experience, his Martial arts training, his health knowledge, and his expertise in Marriage have come together to create the AR experience which binds Body Mind and Soul into one Code to...

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live by, one Code to create with and One Code to protect your family, which ultimately produces power.

Chapter 9

Business Success in the 21st Century by Brie Moreau & Viola Eva

Brie Moreau and Viola Eva Schenkel are the co-founders of an international digital marketing agency. Their motto in life and business: “We are the pioneers of a mass movement pushing the frontiers of business, marketing, body, mind and soul..

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at the same time. We are bigger, better and more compassionate than ever before.”

They use mindfulness and authenticity to create a distributed team of marketing mavericks that creates online success for their clients.

Chapter 10

The Authentic Self Journey by Jeremiah Rygh

Jeremiah Rygh is the founder of Vybrant Life, a company dedicated to enabling work-hard play-hard types to gain perspective and give themselves permission to live the life they’ve always wanted. Through his passion for human behavior and love for travel, he’s created a portal to...

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help others finally make the leap into the freedom-based lifestyle. His belief that everyone deserves to live a vibrant life – one with energetic health, peace of mind and a sense of purpose and meaning - is the driving force behind all that they do.

After spending over a decade coaching people through the home building process to create the life of their dreams, he realized he wasn’t following his. During his journey to go deeper and find his most authentic self, he searched far and wide for the most powerful processes and healing methods available around the globe. Today he integrates everything he learned through his own journey, into an initiative process, making the same journey possible for others. Vybrant Life offers experiences that opens achievement orientated people to new possibilities through transition coaching, adventure travel trips with a self-exploration focus, and long term living integration.

Chapter 11

Turn Work into Yoga by Jonas Freeman

Jonas Freeman is a Mindfulness Coach working within the field of conscious business. He supports heart based leaders around the world to grow organically, without effort and share more value. The journey of finding something meaningful again became an inspiring quest for truth within the...

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human mind led him to ancient wisdom traditions. After meditating in caves in the Himalaya, with yogis and with the Dalai Lama, he reached a point of understanding that made it possible for him to work and do business in a whole different way. A way that is joyful, effortless and deeply meaningful, not parted from the spiritual journey.

Chapter 12

The Freedom Frequency by Bascha Meier

Drawing upon a unique and diverse background ranging from business and entrepreneurship to shamanic studies and spirituality, Bascha Meier’s passion lies in aligning energy, attraction and freedom to allow people to truly shine. She is a guide, an intuitive healer, an inspirational speaker and writer...

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who is authentic and open, informed and wise. Always focussed on outcomes, Bascha’s intention is that readers, audiences, and private clients are able to draw upon her gifts and knowledge to raise their own consciousness, growth and energy. She is the CEO of the Alchemy Gold Academy, which presents paradigm shift opportunities through live events, online training and consultancy.

As a Systemic Family Constellation Master facilitator, Bascha has also dedicated the past 25 years to study, personal development and growth, by working with renowned indigenous elders, practitioners, thought leaders and trainers. She has studied Past Life Regression, NLP and Reiki and has worked internationally as a presenter, consultant, trainer and expert, supporting breakthroughs in defining soul purpose and helping people around the world to design and create lifestyles delivering abundance and joy.

Bascha works primarily as an Intuitive Empowerment Expert, incorporating ancestral lineage work, mediumship, empathy and light language. Described as an “Energy Medicine Woman”, Bascha facilitates surrender, trust and flow, clearing blockages and transforming lives.

Warm, encouraging, and grounded in reality, Bascha Meier truly believes that by tapping into “The Frequency of Freedom” and taking inspired action, anyone can achieve the life which they desire and deserve.

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